What makes good research?

I look at the title and then go through the subtitles to get an idea of ​​the author’s approach to the topic. If it sounds like fluff, I kill the page and move on. But if the subheadings are interesting and seem to tell me there is a lot to learn, I will read the whole passage…

As with any rule, there are exceptions, but in general, essay writing and academic writing require paragraphs within a range of words. A good introduction describes the main research problem and the arguments for the dissertation..

You can assume that commercial writing and news coverage will have paragraphs about half the length of what you see in academic writing or essay writing. In this case, we are looking at ten to twenty paragraphs per 1000 words instead of five to ten. Whatever you discuss, you will discover a number of concepts that you seem to have planned before you started writing. To make it fit well, you add a little space as you move from one discussion area to another…

How to choose a good name and look for reliable sources?


What are the types and goals of research work?

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