During the current unprecedented times and its challenges, businesses realized the significance of being resilient when facing future challenges and the importance of minimizing unplanned downtime.

Independent research consultancy Forrester Consulting has conducted a study on the complete economic impact of IBM Power Systems for organisations using it to run SAP HANA for their businesses. The study found, overwhelmingly, that opting for IBM Power Systems reduced the cost to purchase, manage, and maintain systems to deploy SAP HANA.

The cost savings and business benefits were myriad, and included but not limited to:

  • Reduced downtime and associated costs by $1,074M
  • Reduced server architecture and associated costs by $1,427M
  • Reduced server maintenance and associated costs

To discover the full host of benefits your organisation can harness with a smart move to IBM Power Systems for running SAP HANA, download this interesting & objective study.

Download our free report: The Total Economic Impact Of IBM Power Systems For SAP HANA

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